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We both have a background in publishing in all its elements and licensing. Our strength is to be up-to-date about legislative and case law copyright developments in our consultancy fields. Knowledge is nice however, knowledge sharing is what we focus on. We share via training, consultancy, and temporary collaboration. Our work is supported by analysis reports, proposals, roadmaps where we pay attention to the needs of every single person and business segments because we experience that in a company there are several ways to look at copyright. We are actively involved nationally and internationally and thanks to having worked all over the globe we have developed strong cross-cultural practical and educational backgrounds in multicultural organisations.

Berendina van Straalen

Chris Kluiters


Allrightsonline is experienced in working together with authors, in the collaboration between publishers and their authors and between publishers and their third parties and end-customers such as (pharmaceutical) corporations. We understand the players in the information industry, the contractual effects of Coalition S and are supportive of new initiatives and optimizing workflows. We keep up-to-date on recent copyright development and associated issues through frequent education, networking and copyright conference attendances.

Licensing & outsourcing

reiki  understands that many licenses contain combinations of competitive and copyright/exclusive ownership elements. We have the broad hands-on experience and legal knowledge to assist you in your business and decision making.

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In Licensing consultancy we manage a palette of good governance, best practice and ethical approach whereby we safeguard our customers’ business and optimize existing revenue and we aim to generate new revenues through optimizing discoverability, adequate licensing models and cherish AI in TDM environments. Intellectual Property is a key ingredient for all companies dealing with content and creating data and managing content and data requires a special touch to limit and reduce risks and claims.

We have a strong cross-cultural practical and educational background in publishing and licensing with a track record of significant revenue growth numbers for practically all businesses in the academic environment as well as the corporate industry. Not only we contemporarily have an eye for new initiatives in the market and have lately strongly focused on Open Access and Plan S.


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  • Publisher – All about publishing.
  • Corporate – The copyright challenges in your organisation
  • Higher Education

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  • Publisher – All about publishing

We have worked many years in the publishing industry which enriches our training with a theoretical and practical flavour: we address the copyright legislation (national and global) in combination with daily work for the different departments involved in copyright. Our approach will also address common factor and shared responsibilities of the departments in your publishing house. We know the transformation process from the transfer of copyright to Open Access models and Plan S, from a manual to an automized process.


  • Corporate – The copyright challenges in your organisation

From work for hire to Research collaboration with universities; R&D companies and the transfer of copyright, funding agencies and their publishing requirements. The impacts on IP, patents can be huge. TDM supporting your research and the copyright-related questions for licensed in and licensed out content are a returning issue. Thanks to our collaboration with corporates and research institutions we have been addressed these hurdles and we can share our experience with you.


  • Higher Education

In our negotiations with some of the largest consortia around the world we collected and found solutions for the needs and perspectives of the librarians, information managers and faculty staff. Besides we have an eye for the needs of students, professors and teachers. Together they represent the landscape of usage, reading and publishing which we take into account when dealing with the (re-)distribution of information. We share the pros and cons, address the legislative and common practice rules, just like the highway code. Open Access and their flavours are core like Read and Publish agreements.

Training overview

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A basic education programme consists of 8 hours divided in sessions of either 1 full day, two hours (4 sessions), four hours (2 sessions) or
1 day session. If required a small exam can be part of it. It will be customized to your situation. Either on location, or via Webex.

* Archival & Cultural (Heritage) Organisations


Copyright helpdesk

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The practical side of dealing with questions has proven to have enduring and competitive effects. Years of licensing experience besides experience through (continuous) education, conferences and participation in panel discussions on several Copyright related topics, such as TDM, Open Access and associated topics (e.g. editorial and technical implementation, and commercial licensing effects) is a solid source for your questions.


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“Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore.  When an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.”

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