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Angel blessing therapie

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  • Aggregators market (A&I, EBOOKS, EJOURNALS): Realisation of substantial revenue increases for different publishing houses;
  • Library market (Universities, Corporate R&D): Completion of many commercial contracts with new and renewal accounts as well as consortial agreements leading to revenue increase;
  • Introduction of new business models leading to revenue increase (e.g. archival markets) for several publishers;


Angel blessing therapie

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  • Contract revisions for journal divestment as well as journal (society)acquisition;
  • Introduction of OPEN ACCESS policies & contracts into publishing portfolios;
  • Revision of AUTHOR contracts;
  • Notice-and-Take Down activities for publishing portfolios;
  • Contract revisions for aggregators agreements;
  • In-depth analysis and advice on copyright infringement risks in knowledge management workflows of a healthcare provider;


Angel blessing therapie

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  • Coaching sessions for different publishers on commerce, contracts and compliance
  • Copyright training both ONLINE as well as FACE-TO-FACE for publishing staff;
  • Copyright Training(s) for various departments of a Large Pharmaceutical Company
  • OPEN ACCESS Legal implications advisory report(s)


Angel blessing therapie

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  • Author contract support for transfer of rights/Open Access
  • Clearance of Artwork Images (500+) for publication of Anthology
  • Upload rights and image rights for medical communication
  • Licensing rights for translations
  • Teaching sessions for different publishers on commerce, contracts and compliance

Our clients

“KnowledgeWire is a permission services agent in Japan. In our collaboration with Berendina, we explored better negotiation conditions in the permission world for the corporate market. Her approach focuses on respect for all partners involved. It was very helpful in building a good relationship with academic and scientific publishers.” -Knowledgwire, CEO Masaru Itoh (

Allrightsonline played a pivotal role in establishing a strong collaboration between Trans Tech Publications and Sunmedia. With a keen eye for detail and a clear understanding of what is necessary for business development in Japan the negotiated deal was respectful towards both parties. Furthermore, Allrightsonline gave Sunmedia thoughtful promotion ideas to spread Trans Tech Publications contents in the Japan ST market.” -Sunmedia

Allrightsonline brings to the table deep industry knowledge together with a wealth of practical experience. Our sessions with them have proven to be very valuable and pleasant. These have resulted in more knowledge with our staff as well better agreements with our business partners such as authors, libraries, aggregators and other intermediaries.” -Wageningen Academic Publishers, CEO Mike Jacobs

I have been working with AllrightsOnline for the last three years. They have been involved in a wide variety of projects, including the discoverability of Eleven titles, the sales patterns of our products and the contracts with content integrators. They made useful recommendations, which helped to improve our performance. Both Berendina van Straalen and Chris Kluiters have extensive expertise in the field. In the years that I have been working with them, they never disappointed me. I was impressed by their knowledge and competence. In addition, they are a pleasure to work with. I am confident in recommending their services.” -Eleven, Publishing Director Selma Hoedt


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